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Jiangning District boarding school safety research symposium was held in our school

Release time: 2023/9/15 14:37:53 Author: Lin Guiping Views: 170 times

In order to fully implement the requirements of the Ministry of Education and the provincial Party committee and provincial government on school safety work,Create a safe, harmonious and stable environment for the healthy growth of primary and secondary school students,The afternoon of September 14, 2023,Jiangning District Education Bureau, Jiangning District Public Security Sub-bureau, Jiangning District fire rescue Brigade, Jiangning District education research Institute Safety Committee officeAnd the deputy head of safety at the district's boarding schools菠菜靠谱老平台A special research symposium on the safety work of boarding schools in the district was held。

The meeting was chaired by Yang Yuan, deputy director of the Jiangning District Education Bureau, centered on the topic of "adhere to the problem-oriented, in-depth investigation of safety hazards, and focus on prominent problems"Make up for weaknesses, address problems, and focus on practical operationsTo help schools effectively solve the key problems and difficult problems in safety management work

会上,Deputy Head of safety for each boarding schoolTo eachSchool fire, hazardous chemicals, special students, environmental remediation around the campusManagement of key facilities and equipment and key areasWe had in-depth exchanges on such issues, combined with the current问题Offer advice and suggestions。Jiangning district Public security Bureau branch internal protection brigade captain Li Haifeng andJiangning district fire rescue brigade deputy leader钟鹏Respectively on the school current safety managementEducation work and issues in fire safety work are carried outOn-site answer。

Deputy Director Yang YuanAt the meetingsummarized发言,他Work on all related safetyResponsible comrades to thank for the hard workThanks to public security, fire and other units for their professional guidance and servicesThis paper summarizes and instructs the hidden problems of campus safety in boarding schools in the whole district。He points outSafety work should adhere to problem-oriented, in-depth investigation,做到“Air defense is on the job, physical defense is in use, technical defense is online, the system is on the job, and the duty is in placeCare for students"。Remind us,Safety work should not be any careless, accident prevention is more important事后弥补。要Avoid the pain of security incidents you can't affordmustStick to bottom-line thinkingStrengthen management, compacting the main responsibilityLeadership responsibilityAccountability for dereliction of duty。Citizen-run schoolForce in the same direction, build the campus walls of iron。

Yang Yuan, Deputy Director of District Education BureauIn the speech

Zhong Peng, deputy captain of Jiangning District fire rescue brigade, made a speech

District public security Bureau branch internal protection brigadeBattalion chiefLi Haifeng in the speech

与会Leader alsoSite research菠菜靠谱老平台Guard duty room, canteen, dormitory, fire control room, electric vehicle shed, hazardous chemicals management room and other key places of safety management。

This activity is held in our school, both for our school以往The affirmation of safe work is also trueFuture of our schoolHigh expectations of work作为一个The new school,Our school's security work is more complicated and more difficult, more需要Meticulous running-in, solid improvement。In the future, our school will continue to steadily promote safety work,The safety of the whole school。

Vice President Wang Tao of our school and Director Hu Liyun accompanied the leaders at the meeting to investigate the key safety management sites of our school

【菠菜靠谱老平台】 【菠菜靠谱老平台】

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