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The influence of artists' aesthetic judgment on artistic creation
———— Our school undertakes art teaching and research activities for senior high schools in Jiangning District

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To further promote our districtThe overall improvement of the teaching level of the compulsory high school course "Art Appreciation",促进High school artcurricular长足发展。2023年5月23午,在Nanjing Dongshan Senior High School South station campus开展The influence of artists' aesthetic judgment on artistic creation"As the theme of Jiangning DistrictHigh school art disciplineTeaching seminar。


The first lesson is NanjingDong Ting, Dongshan Senior High Schoolteacher-ledTracing the artist's Sight ", this is the first lesson of the third unit of the course "Art Appreciation"。董Teacher toon-campus5 photographic imagesIn order to introduce and stimulate students' interest in learning,Guide the appreciation of the same thing from different perspectives, in the painting of a broader expression space。In class, the students call the first person"Artist's self-statement" practices the penetration of "cultural understanding" in the core quality of fine arts, so as to experience the unique way of artists to express the world。

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Second period, yesNanjing Jiangning senior high school Tao Dan teachermanagerialIn pursuit of the artist's Sight, Teacher Tao uses the video "Starry Sky" as the introduction, and the situational experience of students feels as if they are in the painting world of Van Gogh。Among them, the meticulous guidance and analysis of famous masters are fully reflectedThe important position of "image reading" in the core quality of art。With the help of multimedia equipment, students see more zoomed-in details in famous paintings。

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In the form of the same class, the two teachers give more diversified teaching methods to the course "Tracing the Artist's Sight"。Class evaluation,Chen Linghai from Dongshan High School, Shi Zheng from Jiangning High School, Zhu Yongjie, Yuan Jinqiang and Li Shan from Qinhuai Middle School, and Yang Aiwen, Du Juan and Zhang Liu from Tianyin High School made comments respectively, affirming the course of the two teachers and putting forward suggestions。  

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Activity finally, Jiangning districtFine artsTeaching and research staffLiu XiaokangThe teacher made a summary of this teaching and research activity。The teacher affirmed the wonderful presentation of the teachers in class, and also put forward some valuable suggestions. This teaching and research activity is based on the new curriculum standardArt core qualityPractice and exploration, every practice brings us new inspiration and thinking。Under the guidance of the new curriculum standard, Jiangning DistrictHigh school artTeachers will continue teaching practice and exploration, and constantly consolidate the basic teaching skills。

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