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"Inherit Lei Feng spirit, gather striving force"
Nanjing Dongshan Senior High School to carry out "Lei Feng Moon" theme activities

Release time: 2023/3/6 14:08:16 Author: Zhang Hanzhi Page Views: 538 times

   The February wind blew spring, and we stepped into the gentle sunshine。今年是毛泽东等老一辈革命家为雷锋同志题词60周年,各地都掀起“向雷锋同志学习”的活动。The young students of Nanjing Dongshan Senior High School carried out a series of activities in memory of Comrade Lei Feng,The majority of teachers and students start from a "trivial" thing,The spirit of Lei Feng and the spirit of volunteerism will be transformed into small voluntary actions that "integrate into daily life and become regular",Let all the teachers and students strive to be the promoters, advocates and pioneers of the spirit of Lei Feng。

   On March 6, 2023, Dongshan High School carried out a flag-raising ceremony with the theme of "Inheriting the Spirit of Lei Feng and gathering striving Force".Song Yuqi, vice president of the Student Union, shared her understanding of the contemporary Lei Feng spirit and proposed that struggle and dedication are the most beautiful appearance of middle school students!

In this beautiful March, Dongshan High School will carry out a series of themed activities, including the volunteer service of the campus "Reading corner", the exhibition and evaluation of the Lei Feng spirit theme poster, and the service activity of "Donggao Volunteer" into the community。将Dedication, friendship, mutual help, progressCarry forward the spirit of volunteerism。

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