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Patriotism inherits the soul of the nation -- Donggao South Station Campus held a student chorus competition to commemorate the "12 · 9" patriotic movement

Published: 2022/12/20 21:44:06 Author: Lin Guiping PageViews: 680 times

In honor of "One Two?The 87th anniversary of the Nine "Movement,Guide all students to carry on the revolutionary tradition,Carry forward the national spirit,Brave to bear the mission of youth,Remember history,Don't forget the national humiliation,以实际行动深入学习贯彻党的二十大精神和习近平总书记系列重要讲话精神,Strengthen the patriotic education of our students,Show the style of our students。On December 12, guided by the president's Office, organized by the Moral Education Department, the Youth League Committee, the Student Union, and co-organized by the General Affairs Office, the theme of "patriotism, inheritance of the soul of the nation" was "one and two.?9 "Patriotic movement student chorus competition was held in our school gymnasium。

My motherland and I are an endless song, I and my motherland, there are too many words to tell。Senior one (1) class with a song "I and my motherland" affectionately expressed the love and praise of the motherland。The motherland is the sustenance of the lives of hundreds of millions of Chinese;The motherland, is the concentration of hundreds of millions of Chinese people's hearts, the students will love and pride of the motherland into the song, moving。


 She has the endless flow of the Yangtze River, there are endless grasslands, there are magnificent Huangshan, she is pregnant with hard-working and brave people, she has a loud name, called China。Class 1 (2) told us the special status of the motherland in the hearts of Chinese children with a song called "The Name of China", and showed us the deep love of Chinese children for the motherland。


Through the past, the sweat of struggle has just wiped away;Looking forward to the Ming Dynasty, our journey is the sea of stars, Class 1 (3) brought us a song "The Sea of Stars"。The students sang with their hearts and emotions, singing the footsteps of pursuing dreams that were long and long but never stopped, and singing the spirit of striving for excellence and pursuing excellence of Donggao students。


I am China, nature is boundless, the mountains and rivers are safe, our country is boundless。A song "Ten thousand Frontiers" of Class 1 (4) outlined the glorious scene of the motherland's mountains and rivers。The students expressed their joy, praise and pride for the flourishing of the motherland with their enthusiastic performances, and conveyed their fighting spirit for the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation with their songs。


Our motherland has a long history, vast territory and abundant resources。Five thousand years of civilization inheritance, 9.6 million square kilometers of inclusiveness, let us how not proud, let us how not love。The students of Grade 1 (5) sang a song "I love you China" with deep feeling, and the loud singing carried the lofty love that Donggao students are willing to devote their youth to the motherland。


 With the wind howling horses, the Yellow River issued an earth-shaking roar。High school (6) class students for everyone to bring the chorus "defend the Yellow River", the passionate song is a strong and vigorous totem, is the barrier of copper cast iron pouring, is the pacing of the heart of the Chinese people, singing the eastern Longxiang eternal eternal noise, singing the Donggao students like the rainbow of youth power。


Vice President Ji Lijian commented on the event,First of all, the significance of this activity is clearly defined - remembering the history,Forge ahead,At the same time, I fully affirmed the students' careful rehearsals during this period of time and today's wonderful presentation,最后,President Ji called on the students to remember the significance of the September 12 movement,Cherish the good life now,Study hard,Improve your ability level,Contribute their own strength to the prosperity of the motherland。



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