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There are four key roles to be a good parent

Published: 2021/11/7 18:36:34 Author: Wu Xueqin Pageviews: 865 times

Parents want to give their children a good living and learning environment。Their so-called good living environment often refers to the material aspect, to choose the best school for the child, please the best teacher, as long as the ability of the parents, they will meet the child without reservation。In order to be a qualified parent, we focus on the following four roles。

  Guardian - Take care of the child but don't interfere too much

  As the guardian of the child, the first thing adults should do is to take care of the child, and the care here is not to do everything on behalf of the child。Many parents can't help but intervene when their children encounter a little difficulty, which is actually to let their children miss a lot of opportunities to exercise themselves。Here do not want parents to give up, before the tube first to have a simple assessment of the difficulty of this thing, if it is really the child can not complete, parents can do some guidance。

  Bole - Discover the potential in children

  In today's society, children's excellent grades are not what advantage, but also let children have special skills。Every child has unique characteristics, parents must carefully observe their children to find their characteristics, and turn this into a child's advantage。Parents can praise their children every day, so that the children have confidence, so that the children will become more excellent, but the praise of the child must be from the heart, can not let the child feel that the adult praise is just a perfunctory。

  Mentor - Giving children advice on life

  Parents are the children's closest people, but also the children's life teachers。Before becoming a child's mentor, parents must establish a relationship of mutual trust with their children and let their children know that parents are completely for their own good。Do the child's mentor can not be too arbitrary, do not feel that they have 100 percent authority, set rules for the child, set conditions, we are to provide advice to the child, and the child is equal, so that the child can listen to the adult's advice。

  Partner - Face the troubles of growing up with your child

  Adults also have children, think back to ourselves in the process of growing up have encountered a lot of problems?Children also need a growing partner to share the growing pains with them。Parents must play a good child's partner, when the child encounters problems, face with the child and discuss coping strategies together。

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